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Website redesignwith results.

The most important about this website is the impression it makes on new visitors. The website should look well designed but most important; trustworthy. The old website has been transformed into a platform with clear objectives and great user experience design.


  1. When redesigning a site it's very important to list the objectives of the user. In this case, the user likes more information about tourist runs in Amsterdam. I've made this information clear straight away on the homepage. It's also very easy to actually book a tour on the website since the booking tool is available on almost every page.
  2. The booking process itself is actually very easy, the credentials you have to fill in are only the neccesary ones. The payment gateway to PayPal works brilliantly and the full process from start to finish only lasts about 5 minutes. A booking confirmation in your email gives the user a confirmation and 'safe' feeling.

Stats fornerds.

Wordpress, MAMP, FileZilla, PHP, CSS and HostNet have been crucial during this project.


Rick Bierman Designs created custom made buff designs for Tourist Run Amsterdam, these have been produced by Technolyt. Tourist Run Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to experience Amsterdam in a new and exciting way. They offer runners the chance to exercise while learning about everything our beautiful city has to offer. Look at the site here: www.touristrunamsterdam.com

SEO withbig results.

Rick Bierman Designs offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which contains the following; keyword research, rival seo research, link building strategy, implementing conclusions with a Wordpress plugin like Yoast or custom code, using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloudflare to speed up the website.

The impactof my work.