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SparkOptimus holds a huge database of newsletter subscribers. All visual communication must convey's SparkOptimus's message correctly whilst also be on one line with it's branding.


  1. Step 1 is always to sketch out the layout of the email using pencil and paper. Photoshop is used to bring that to life in the digital world, after which it can be implemented in MailChimp.
  2. Whenever I work on these newsletters it's key to think outside the box, and try to add patterns to the email that aren't briefed to me. This way creativity can freely flow and this helps the design process imensly.
  3. I always work closely with Tamara Schoon, PR & Communications manager at SparkOptimus and Judith Nissen, International Brand & Marketing manager. The three of us form a dream team, and therefore guarantee that the quality and execution of every newsletter is on point.
wireframe to design gif animation

Statsfor nerds.

The newsletters are built using MailChimp. Custom HTML and CSS is used when deemed nessesary.

My art in theRijksmuseum.


The big event that covered the book launch of SparkOptimus (Make Disruption Work) required a lot of artwork. This piece defineletly stood out since the combination of a photorealistic painting holding the newly released book turned quite some heads.
Watch the aftermovie here


The impactof my work.