Plato's previous Joomla website looked outdated. It wasn't responsive, with very little attention being spend on design. The redesign looks professional and offers a clear UI with a great UX. As a result the online bookings tripled!


  1. Before building the new site I've presented a visual representation using Invision. Setting up (and designing) the website on my own subdomain was the next step. It's been very important to keep the current website up and running whilst I was working on the new one.
  2. After going live on www.grieksrestaurantplato.nl I continued to maintain their huge 5000+ image library, whilst also performing various site speed and security updates.

Stats fornerds.

I've used Wordpress, added PHP code to design f.e. the top header and also used various plugins to increase load times whilst loading hundreds of images.

The responsivewebsite.

Grieks restaurant Plato is specialized in deliscious Greek food and serves various classics like souvlaki and gyros. Take a look at the website here: www.grieksrestaurantplato.nl

The impactof my work.