A newbranding.

I've redesigned ODC's website using Wordpress and also created print material in the form of brochures and business cards. To update ODC's target audience about the new responsive website I've created a MailChimp campaign which converted in a 500% increase of website visitors! All communication of ODC Logistics communicate the same visual style.


  1. Before even starting with the website it's very important to create a plan; which CMS to use, which color scheme to implement, which layout grid to use and much more. After figuring out the finer details about the site it was time to start building on a local server, using MAMP. The design process has been iteratively; design website > feedback > repeat.
  2. After the website was built and uploaded to the domain, it was time to tweak the finer details; optimizing images for great site speed, checking links, and making sure the site's secure. The website is currently being maintained by Rick Bierman Designs, updating the CMS, plugins and making sure security checks and back ups are continously being done.

Stats fornerds.

Used techniques:
Wordpress, MAMP, FileZilla, MailChimp, Adobe Photoshop, PHP, MYSQL database and various Wordpress plugins.

A coherentstyle.

ODC Logistics is a full service logistics services provider managing movement of Over Dimensional Cargo.
Visit ODC Logistics here: www.odclogistics.com


A well defined color scheme and list of icons were the base of creating this brochure. The brochure has been shown to clients in the Middle-East and they completely understood the contents of the brochure. The icons played a big role in making this brochure understandable and accessible.
View the brochures here:

The impactof my work.